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Maarten Bebelman in front of the insitute.

Maarten Bebelman was awarded a two-year EMBO Postdoctoral Fellowship. EMBO Postdoctoral Fellowships are highly competative and support excellent postdoctoral researchers throughout Europe and the world and international mobility is a key requirement. Before landing in Dresden, Maarten obtained a master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences at VU University Amsterdam in 2015 and performed his PhD research in the Medicinal Chemistry group of Prof. Martine Smit and the Exosome Research Group of Dr. Michiel Pegtel at the VU University in Amsterdam.

In the Zerial lab, he will be working on the mechanisms underlying hepatocyte polarity and anisotropic lumen expansion during liver tissue morphogenesis following up on the discovery of apical bulkheads spearheaded by Lenka Belicova in 2021. We congratulate Maarten and wish him all the best.