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Mammalian CORVET is required for fusion and conversion of distinct early endosome sub-populations

In this study we reported for the first time a biochemical and functional characterization of the CORVET complex in mammalian cells. Similarly to the yeast ortholog, mammalian CORVET is a six-subunit complex effector of the small GTPase Rab5, and is required for endosome tethering and maturation. We reveal, though, that these two functions are spatially segregated on the two early endosomal subpopulations marked by APPL1 and EEA1. On APPL1 endosomes CORVET is rate limiting for tethering and fusion, on EEA1 endosomes for maturation. Our results provide new insights into the molecular organization of the early endosomal network. You can read more about this study here


Zerial lab